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Field Visits
Frigorifico Allana Ltd.
An industrial visit was conducted to study Industrial Safety, Waste Water Treatment, Drinking Water Purification and Quality Control in Edible Oil Industry.
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
The visit was arranged to study the management of hygiene, health and safety at ports as well as management of different type of wastes and resources.
Karnala Bird Sanctuary
The visit was organised for the study for flora and fauna at sanctuary. Students have conducted studies related to biodiversity indexing.
Enviro Vigil
Different technologies viz. rain water harvesting; solid waste management, biomedical waste management etc. were demonstrated and explained to students.
Good Day Food Ltd.
The visit was conducted to study the quality control of milk and by products at different levels. Management of wastes and hygiene was also studied.
Yashraj Biotech Ltd.
The objective of visit was to study the production and quality control of pharma products.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali
The visit was intended to provide students information about wildlife management and the relevant methods for the same as applied in the national park.
The field visit was intended to conduct the experiments related soil and water monitoring in mountainous region.
Mumbai Waste Management, Taloja
The visit was intended to provide students information and practical demonstration of the methods and equipments used for Hazardous waste management and its disposal.
Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Taloja
The objective of the visit was to provide students information and practical demonstration of the methods and equipments used for waste water effluent treatment.
Mahisagar Estuary, Vadodara, Gujarat
To study the ecology of the Sindhrot forest region enclosing the Mahisagar River which is a hotspot for various species of migratory including Sarus cranes, salinity ingression and consequent desertification of the area. The visit was intended to give students hands on experience of various soil and water sampling methods. Analysis of the actual site data would enable study of the area wrt deterioration of soil and water in the riverine area.
Cipla – (Pharma company)
To acquaint students with the know-how of analytical techniques as applicable in Quality Control and Assurance procedures, as well as manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
Kumar Florists, Pune – (Plant tissue culture)
Students were shown State-of-Art floricultural facilities and learnt about plant tissue culture techniques carried out at the facility which export quality flowers like Carnation, Dahlias.
Yeshwant SSK Limited, Sugar factory, Theur–(Fermentation and Biogas Plant)
To understand the operations in a sugar factory; distillery and the associated bio-gas plant. Associated with the sugar factory a fermenter operates to produce ethanol. The waste produced out of the two plants are used to produce bio-gas.
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